Cool ideas to spice up your kid’s lunchbox

Cool ideas to spice up your kid’s lunchbox

We’ve got some secrets that will make little ones want to sneak a peek

It’s not only the kids who get demotivated with the usual cheese sandwich. Let’s put ourselves in their kiddie shoes, mums: you open your lunch only to find soggy bread and the same juice box every single day – not very appealing.

The best way to make sure the kids will love their lunchbox is to make it interesting, and we’ve got some tips on how you can jazz it all up.

Cut away

Get your hands on some cute cutters, which come in so many shapes including animals, hearts and even miscellaneous designs that will keep the kids guessing. Encourage them to come up with stories or themes based on what they see when they open their lunchboxes and find some different shapes in there.

Citron Sandwich Cutters

You can even get the kids to cut with you using some of the safer cutters, but under mum’s full supervision of course. They can also add some quirky food picks to their lunchbox treats.

“Kebab” the good work

Colourful skewers make for a good lunchbox surprise. The kids get a bit of everything on a stick, from a juicy piece of pineapple to cubed veggies and chunks of cheese.

It’s a nice change from grabbing onto a sandwich or using cutlery, and there are endless taste combos you can experiment with. Pizza kebabs? Bring out the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

Ditch the bread

The main purpose of bread is to hold things together and who said that it’s the only ingredient that’s fit for the mission? You can swap bread for apple slices and make a creamy peanut butter apple-wich or spread some cream cheese onto a turkey slice and “sandwich” it between two slices of cucumber.

Make boats out of veggies

Veggies are nutritious and delicious, but did you know that they can also be made into fun vessels? Slice a bell pepper and stuff it with a quinoa mix or scoop out a cucumber and add some tuna with mayo.

One last piece of advice, try to use lunchbox compartments for different types of food. Kids are more likely to have their rice and potatoes if they’re not all mixed into an unidentifiable mess.

Don’t forget to have fun with it. There’s so much to the world of lunchboxes than a simple packed lunch for school, it’s one of the most important meals of the day after all.

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