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Feeling Snackish?

We all know what can happen when kids get hungry? Nobody wants to deal with that. That is why we have an exclusive range of versatile Citron Snack Boxes, in a variety of themes, that are perfect for on-the-go munchies. So when you are prepping for nursery, travelling or sending them out on an adventure, give them a snack box to keep them sweet!

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  • Is the Citron Snack Box microwavable?

    We do not recommend using a microwave for Citron Snack Box.

  • Is the Citron Snack Box leak-proof?

    Yes. The Citron Snack Box is a compartment snack box with 4 leak-proof sections.

  • Is the Citron Snack Box dishwasher safe?

    No, the Citron Snack Box is not dishwasher safe and to extend its life, we recommend handwashing only.