No time, no problem mamas because with these tips you’ll be well on your way

No time, no problem mamas because with these tips you’ll be well on your way

Ah, mums, the queens of “there’s no time”. We have so much to do, and it sure can get overwhelming. Last-minute packing is inevitable sometimes, but here’s how to make sure the damage isn’t as catastrophic as it can be.

Look after yourself first. You heard that right. Unless you’re sorted, you’ll end up with one pair of pants and no footwear, which will make things complicated down the line – for the whole family. Pack the mini face creams and outfits, then get started on the kids’ stuff.

Remember the First Aid. From plasters to antihistamines, pack whatever it is you know you’ll need, or think you might need. Buying medicine when travelling can get hectic, so make sure you also photocopy prescriptions and keep them on hand.

Pack some kids’ entertainment. Bend the digital rules for now, mama. You need a few downloads to avoid having little ones drive you mad. Also, colours and crayons for tots work wonders, whether it’s for road trips or airplane rides.

Divide clothes over luggage. Make sure that each family member has at least four changes of clothes, a long-sleeved cosy top, PJs and lots of underwear. Most importantly, distribute different items across luggage so that – in the case of any mishaps – not all is lost.

The documents, always take all the documents. Pack copies of your essential documents in the suitcases (passports, boarding passes, itineraries), and even keep some in your handbag. There’s so much that can go wrong, but don’t let anything stop you from enjoying that vacation.

Last call, mums and dads!

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