Trendy lunchbox designs for the kids

Trendy lunchbox designs for the kids

Move over Dora, the cool kids want unicorns and spaceships this year

While you may pick lunchboxes based on safety and convenience, all the kiddies want are the prettiest and trendiest ones to show them off at school. Back in the day, before memes and massive box office hits, famous cartoon characters posed, sang and played on every lunchbox.

However, with changing trends, kids are looking for plainer designs with minimal painting because they simply love being treated like grown-ups and not carrying anything that’s too cheesy. Check out what your kids will want on their lunchboxes this year:

Citron Unicorn lunch box


It’s no secret that the mythical creatures have been taking over. From stuffed toys to talking unicorn lands, they’ve become favourites among kids – especially girls. If we have unicorn cakes, lemonades and mugs, why can’t we have these mystical creatures on lunchboxes too? And in baby pink, we would just want one for ourselves.

Citron Spaceship lunch box


The kids will feel like their food is ‘out of this world’ with spaceships on their lunchboxes. Being an astronaut is one of the coolest jobs out there, and what better time to launch into space than lunchtime?

Citron Flamingo lunch box


Known for their hot pink feathers, these birds are beautiful and funky, perfect for budding fashionistas’ eye-catching lunchboxes. A flamingo-design lunchbox will make everything that much yummier, too.

Citron Tractor lunch box


Edutainment venues in Dubai are embracing the educational side of construction sites. Kids love building, and it teaches them teamwork, persistence and more. Plus, we all look up to Daddy engineers. This is one of the best designs for boys’ lunchboxes out there.

Pro tip: While boys and girls will always love their blues and pinks, respectively, lime green, purple and pale red are all gorgeous hues for your child’s lunchbox.

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