Parenting in Dubai: Summer Hacks

Parenting in Dubai: Summer Hacks

With only a few weeks left in the school term or nursery schedule, many of us parents are once again facing the prospect of how to plan what to do during the long summer months. They can’t wait for the extended school holidays of course, but lots of parents, particularly those who work full time, might have a little bit of dread about how to fill the time and keep the little ones entertained and engaged. We definitely feel your pain. So, we’ve put together some ‘summer hacks’ to last you till September!

To Travel or Not to Travel

Lately this seems an even more complicated question to answer. There was always that internal debate about the stresses of organising, packing and coordinating the brood through borders and transport options and the cost/benefit ratio of getting any relaxing time at all. But recent years have added the element of whether travel is even possible and if so, where is open or suitable? Much of the world is now far more accessible post-pandemic, but you do need to make sure you are aware of the individual requirements for any of your preferred destinations. What are the vaccination and mask rules? If you have little ones too small for the vaccine, there may be certain countries you should avoid and you might need to budget time and money for specific PCR tests and clinic visits. That’s before we even start on monkeypox.…..

Camp it Up!

For parents who work full time (or even those who really couldn’t cope with the kids in the house 24/7 which is super understandable!), one of the best summer investments you can make is to an organised camp or series of children’s group activities. Summer camps can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and cover a vast array of topics and themes, all designed to keep children entertained and excited. They suit kids of all ages and can include educational STEM programmes to drama, water sports to crafts, artistry to eco-friendly discovery. There are also plenty of options available to suit every budget. Whether you pick one lasting a few hours or the whole day, make sure to pack them off with their Citron water bottle and lunchbox, so they will stay hydrated and well-fed enough to regale you with their tales when their return home.

Local Adventures

One of the best things about being based in Dubai is the sheer number of venues, activities and outlets designed for children. From trampolines to soft play, skiing to safaris, ice skating to rock climbing, VR parks to roller coasters to green planets, the world of combined learning and fun is definitely open for business. Much of it is also housed in air-conditioned indoor venues, which is ideal for keeping out of the summer heat. Scheduling a weekly adventure as a family will give kids something to look forward to (and will act as an added incentive for good behaviour) and break up any lingering summer monotony. You can even research which activities are on offer, either with resident discounts or two-for-one tickets, so you can opt for those. Make sure to include the Tritan snack box or lunch box, that way you can prepare nutritious treats in advance that will prevent any ‘hangry’ meltdowns and help you avoid high café prices.

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