Tips to Survive Last Minute Back to School Shopping

Tips to Survive Last Minute Back to School Shopping

When the kids are still riding that summer wave of boundless energy and the start of term seems to be getting ever closer on the calendar, it can seem like it might be impossible task to get all of your back to school shopping done. But we know exactly how you feel. That is why we have a few tips for surviving this stressful period and a few Citron exclusive services to make things a little bit smoother….

Back to School Shopping Survival Techniques

  • Plan, plan, plan. Make sure you know exactly what it is you need to get. Make a comprehensive list that you check over with any school instructions and hopefully some fellow parents, that way you can ensure you haven’t missed anything!
  • Research, research, research. Make sure you know where the best place is to get all of the items you need, and if possible, keep that list short. The fewer stops, the fewer stresses. But use the internet and parent groups to get the best recommendations on price, quality and functionality so you know you are getting the best deal.
  • Treat, treat, treat. Being a parent is hard, especially during back to school season. Make sure to schedule some ‘you time’ and grab the opportunity to treat yourself for all of your hard work. You definitely deserve it.

A Queue-Free Experience

We’ve seen first hand how busy things can get during Back to School season, especially at our flagship store in the Times Square Center. To help you have a stress-free experience, we have implemented a system to allow you to skip the queues and shop in peace, without having to worry about overcrowding. Want to give it a try? Simply visit the Citron store and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Scan the 'Shopping' QR code outside the store
Step 2: Type 'CITRONSHOP' and press send
Step 3: Your exclusive shopping number will be issued
Step 4: Carry on with your other errands until your number is called to enjoy crowd-free shopping at Citron

Personalise your Purchases

Kid’s lose stuff all the time. It is a sad and undeniable fact of life. But what is also true is that when things are named, they are much more likely to avoid getting lost and are much easier to find again. That is why Citron has introduced free personalisation on ALL of its Back to School products – yes you did read that correctly, FREE personalisation. You can have your kid’s name added to your item, whether it is a bag, water bottle or lunchbox, when you buy in-store or online.

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