What did you bring me?  Top travel gift ideas

What did you bring me? Top travel gift ideas

Gifting isn’t always easy. Especially when it falls into the category of travel gift ideas. You know the time of year. The time when you are headed home or off to see loved ones and you just realised that you need to get some gifts to take with you. We all wish that the gigantic effort and cost you paid out to get to the place was enough to show your love, but you know that question will be rolling off the tongues of any children you pop by to see, “what did you bring me?”. But it is also kind of wonderful when you get to show them what you picked out especially for them. Plus, getting to spoil those you haven’t seen in far too long is a real treat and all part of reconnecting as a family. So, if you still need to get to that part of your to-do list that covers ‘travel gifts’ then you can stop panicking, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for great travel gift ideas for kids that their parents will thank you for again and again:

Sensational Sustainability: Our fun and environmentally conscious bamboo plates collection comes in a range of imaginative designs that kids will just adore. Designed to be sustainable and safe, you can also opt for one with suction, a unique feature that will drastically reduce the mess at mealtimes – we bet you know a parent who would love that!

Personalised Perfection: Another top travel gift idea for kids is an insulated BPA-free water bottle, designed just for them and one that can be personlised with their name so they feel extra special! Our stainless steel, lost-proof water bottles also come with a range of helpful accessories and are light weight enough not to add too much to your luggage weight quota.

Fabulously Functionality: Is there a better gift than one that will draw a huge smile from the child and the parent? Our fantastic range of lunchboxes are guaranteed to do that. Not only do they come in a wide variety of sizes and themes (we love the Spaceship one!), but they have an excellent list of quality credentials. That means that kids will love their new ‘big kid’ mealtime accessory and parents will love its safe, durable, sustainable and highly useful features that will make lunchtimes that much easier for them.

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